NJ Tracing and Investigations

Prior to, or during any court action, there is often need to either establish an individual’s whereabouts, or locate an absconded debtor.

In terms of today’s ethical approach to debt recovery, many creditors will provide the debtor an opportunity to create and maintain a payment arrangement prior to being subjected to the cost and stress of a court action.  This can only be done if their whereabouts are known, or their personal circumstances are fully analysed.

We carry out tracing and investigations as part of our daily methodology in enforcement of debts and service of citations.  It can be seen as a key element of the diligence process but can also be used to locate former tenants, beneficiaries and witnesses.

This service is offered to all clients on a basis of no trace / no fee in every circumstance, and our service is carried out in a discreet, confidential and efficient manner.

Where an individual has ‘gone away’ or disappeared this can obviously create problems for service or enforcement.

We are able to pull from our considerable resources in order to efficiently and effectively identify the whereabouts of individuals against whom action requires to be raised, or provide forwarding addresses and telephone numbers in order to make contact with them.

In adherence to the Data Protection Act, we utilize the following to locate individuals:

  • GB E-trace V5
  • Companies House
  • Register of Insolvencies
  • Social Media
  • Consented telephone numbers
  • Consented e-mail addresses

With restrictions on diligence by way of attachment and auction, more creditors are now turning to earnings arrestment as the most viable and effective form of diligence.  However, not all creditors are aware of the debtor’s employment.

We utilise our methods to obtain up to date employment details for debtors, and always confirm the information obtained prior to making our report.

We have the ability to take statements in criminal court cases for defence agents, who do not have the time to sit down and speak with witnesses themselves for long periods of time.  The correct questions are always asked of potential witnesses, and no details are left out of any report.

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