NJ Citation and Enforcement

As Messengers at Arms and Sheriff Officers, Citation and Enforcement is at the core of our business practice. We strive to provide clients with the most efficient, cost effective results, and treat each individual case upon its own merits, working in partnership with our clients to ensure the correct course of action is taken to provide the best outcome.

When our clients pass us an instruction they know that it will be dealt with properly and that the high standards they set themselves are always mirrored by us.

Where the instruction involves a sensitive matter such as an eviction, ejection, or any form of diligence then we are equally aware that whilst we have to deliver on behalf of our clients, their priority is often that their debtor is treated with the utmost respect and in line with any regulatory obligations placed upon them.

We pride ourselves with being able to tell the difference between a genuine ‘hard luck’ case and those who seek to abuse processes and procedures.

Some of the citation and enforcement services we offer are as follows:

A ‘Citation’ is a legal document served on an individual that requires them to attend Court. Only those commissioned as Officers of the Court may serve Citations, and as Messengers-At-Arms and Sheriff Officers, we at Nelson James are proud to be authorised to carry out this work.

We serve Citations across Scotland including the following:

  • Court of Session Summons, Petitions and Interlocutors
  • Sheriff Court Ordinary Cause Writs, Summary Applications and Petitions
  • Sheriff Court Summary Cause and Small Claims Summons
  • Witness Citations (including High Court of Judiciary Solemn Proceedings Defence Witness Citations)
  • Sheriff Court and District Court Summary Defence Witness Citations
  • Court of Session Civil Witness Citations
  • Sheriff Court Civil Witness Citations[/accordion-item]

When a borrower defaults on a loan agreement, the speed at which recovery occurs can often affect the level of return to the creditor.

When we receive an instruction from a firm of solicitors we always aim to execute that instruction at the earliest possible juncture. We believe that we are unique in the industry in that we set ourselves extremely strict turnaround times and seek to outperform our competitors on every instruction.  Where possible, we will offer clients a Service Level Agreement in order that we can be measured on our performance.

No matter how complex the instruction we always aim to make our clients’ interaction with us as simple as possible and you will only ever hear from us by exception.

We can cater for all types of recoveries instructions including:

  • Charges for Payment
  • Earnings Arrestments
  • Attachments
  • Exceptional Attachments
  • Money Attachments
  • Bank Arrestments
  • Inhibitions[/accordion-item]

After all the effort, expense and time that is put into obtaining a Judgment, those instructing us require matters to be brought to a conclusion rapidly and with minimum further cost. Often time is of the essence and clients need to be kept up to date and in the ‘knowledge loop’ in order to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

We combine remote case access and automated updates with our expert knowledge in order to ensure that we work with our clients and keep them involved and engaged in the enforcement process.

Similarly, when time is of the essence then matters are escalated and rapid enforcement strategies are put in place.

Whether you are acting for a financial institution, a lender, a Housing Association or a private landlord, when a relationship breaks down with a tenant, borrower or joint owner, then the key to as full a recovery as possible or a rapid property turnaround is obtaining possession as quickly as possible.

We do however understand that these situations can often be sensitive, stressful and potentially hazardous. Our Officers are trained to handle these difficult situations and are equally comfortable dealing assisting with borrower rehabilitation as they are with handling a hostile business owner or tenant.

In addition to exercising Warrants of Eviction and Ejection we can:

  • Provide photographic inventories
  • Arrange for contractors to attend to clean, clear and change locks
  • Assist with supervised access
  • Obtain communal door keys
  • Identify details of factors

Where a heritable creditor requires possession of a heritable property then we will co-ordinate the attendance of all the necessary tradesmen through our sister company NJ Contracting and Property Maintenance in order to provide a seamless repossession service.

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